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ウーマンラブ-WomanLove Air Max Premium Multifunctional Sucking Stick | Highly acclaimed sucking, tongue licking, insertion and vibration

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ハリウッドでtopicの新感覚3in1グッズが上陆.吸う舐める Insert が1つに. The function of this grid tansen + 10 パ タンバイブ! !
The 3in1 high-performance vibrator, which is a popular topic in Hollywood and has a new sense, is launched on the market. It also has the functions of sucking, licking and inserting vibration. 10+ vibration modes with comprehensive tuning function! !

※ Introduce the latest appearance of the super popular AIR MAX "Rose Gold x Pink" for female customers~! Comes with a rotating breast cup, clitoral stimulation cup, and tongue sleeve. This time I must give you a full set of satisfaction!


The suction function is a three-stage mode that allows you to enjoy the feeling of being gently sucked. Use different cups for the nipples and clitoris.
CombinetongueWith its high-performance adjustment function, you can enjoy realistic oral sex, and you can lick while sucking.

〇Tongue licking

There are 7 types of adjustment functions that can make smoothtongueSwipe up and down. It licks the clitoris and nipples comfortably.
If you attach the attached tuning accessory (tongue pocket), you can enjoy new stimulation and tuning changes.


Rod-shaped body with smooth and skin-friendly silicone coating.
You can choose your favorite pleasure from 10 kinds of changing vibrations.


Waterproof for girls' peace of mind. You can wash it thoroughly to keep it clean.
With drainage function, it is easy to clean the inside of the cup.

Since it can be charged via a magnetic USB, there is no need to replace the battery.

Accessories: main body, tuning accessories, nipple cup, clitoral cup, magnetic USB cable
Body size: 255 x 45 x 40 mm (when connected to the nipple cup)
Cup size: nipple cup 60 x 60 mm, clitoral cup 80 x 55 mm
Weight: 210g (when the teat cup is installed)
Box size: 280 x 125 x 70 mm
Total weight: 340g




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